This Is The Air I Breath Acoustic Guitar and Vocal

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Chris and Louise in UK Dream: THE GREAT DECEPTION & THE SECOND COMING OF CHRIST I am at a place that looks like Rome. There is a very tall Dark statue of a woman (about 100 meters tall). There are people all around the base of the statue and they are on their hands and knees bowing their heads to the ground worshipping this dark female statue. I see beams of light coming from the statues eyes. I get confused and think "Maybe I should go and worship too!?" I think "Light is coming from the eyes" and I think of the Scriptures where they say "If your eyes are light then your whole body will be light" Then I think "The eyes are light, but the body is dark. ITS A DECEPTION! I'm not worshiping that!" Then immediately the Lord Jesus Christ appeared. He is SO BIG He was so tall He dwarfed the dark statue. He raised his right foot and bought His heel down onto the Dark Statue and crushed it completely! This was an awesome dream from the Lord Jesus Christ who is the Spirit of prophesy. Worship The Lord Jesus. He is coming soon! He really has told us both so! PLEASE be ready. There isnt going to be another chance ever again!

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