Freemason Accidentally Invites Two Christians into a Private illuminati Club

Added on :  23-Sep-2014
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This guy thought we were Freemasons or Tares and invited us into the Private illuminati club he was building. When he realised we were Christians on a mission exposing Freemasons he almost had a siezure. We were politly shown the door marching at double time. We initialy thought he was the gardener because most Jamaicans are really very poor and for him to own a plot like that spoke volumes. We didnt expect to see what we did. Now you know what Shakin Stevens was singing about in the song Green party time. Watch his video Watch Mr Shakin Freemason Stevens look at you through a Keyhole (pyramid and disc shaped) with his eye as the disc on top of the pyramid. Also watch Mr Shakin Freemason Stevens do the Horned Disc sign (Korna) while he dances BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR. BUSTED! By Chris Constantine Youtube Gorilla199

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