Faithful One So Unchanging - Played by Gorilla199

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Gran Canaria, Jan 2007, THE LAST PLACE : JESUS IS THE LAST PLACE most people think of going to for help. When everythng has gone wrong try the last place Jesus. It's a difficult task to explain what the Lord Jesus has already done. It is even more difficult to explain what He is going to do. It is also difficult to be taken seriously sometimes when we tell people what has happened to us and to others through us because of Jesus amazing Love. We are witnessesfor the Lord Jesus Christand The lord is our witness and so are those He has cured of many ailments through our Testimony of Him touching their hearts and allowing us to pray to the Lord Jesus on their behalf (Jesus said: "Those who have faith shall lay hands on those who are sick and they SHALL recover"). Please listen to us! We dont want your money or anything else. What we desparately want is for you to "Seek and you shall Find" This is what the Lord Jesus said and He cannot lie! Please seek Him and He will fulfil His promise. He will come and get you even while you are still looking. GOD CANNOT LIE! Worship the Lord Jesus Christ. PLEASE Read: The Book of Enoch (Jude 14-15)and The Book of Jashar(Joshua 10:12-13) & (2 Samuel 1:18) Scripture points to these Books and Scripture is Truth. Jesus told and showed us both (in Spirit and in dreams) that He is coming soon. Please be ready! Chris Constantine Gorilla199 Youtube Gorilla199

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