Alien UFO Fortress Malta (The Nibiru Connection) - by Gorilla199

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Malta is full of UFO and Symbolism. These symbols are all Pagan. Pagans practice witchcraft snd worship Apollyon the Destroyer (The Beast from the Pit from the Book of Revelation). Clarifying one point in the video: There are pillar stubs in front of St. Publius Church in Floriana. These are supposed to be granery storage caps but they are in the shape of pillars bottoms. That "explanation" just does not make any sense as the pillars shapes conform with the rest of the UFO symbolism on the island. The items shown in this video are from the Nephilim giants and the Tares (counterfeit humans/Reptilians who live here amongst us). One dythey will show themselves and claim they are 'Aliens' but they are Nephilim stock, an Abomination on this Earth and Jesus Christ and His Holy Angels will return to burn them all and cleans this Earth of their presence Forever. Amen By Chris Constantine Youtube Gorilla199

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