The following scenes are taken from a 3rd Degree Masonic initiation ceremony.  
Grand Master Mason Santa Claus aka Father Christmas aka St. Nicolas aka Zeus (the Devil himself) oversees the Pagan 3rd Degree Masonic initiation at 12.00 the Witching hour.

santa the Grand Master Freemason

The Santa Claus figure in the photo above is actually sitting in a Masonic Lodge overseeing the 3rd Degree Masonic initiation.
The purpose of his 'Father Christmas' uniform is to represent the Devil himself (The father of Apollyon the Destroyer)

santa 1 12.00 Midnight, the witching hour, Santa/Zeus takes his seat at the Masonic Lodge to oversee the 3rd Degree Masonic witchcraft ritual
santa 2

Santa is an anagram of Satan
Claus is German for: The Conquering people

Santa Claus means: Satan the conquering people

santa 3

Santa Claus is also known as St Nicolas

Here is what Jesus Christ says about those who follow St. Nicolas
Revelation 2:6
But you have this in your favor: You hate the practices of the Nicolations, which I also hate.

santa 4

 Wearing white Masonic gloves Satan Nicolas hits a chime with a small gavel.

Chiming can also be done on a special stone called a ring stone.

santa 5  Satan Nicolas then silences the chime by placing his hand (the hand of the Devil) onto it.
santa 7  The hand of the Devil Nicolas then slides down the chime
santa 9  Now Old Nick takes his seat and watches as an initiate is "given the 3rd Degree" ritual
santa 10

 The initiate is seized 3 times by 3 men and threatened with death unless he gives the secret 3rd Degree code word.

Old Nick watches as the man is then symbolically murdered for refusing to reveal the secret word.

 santa 11

3 different men ask the man 3 times...
Tell me the secret word of a Master Mason or die!

He replies each time that he will not

santa 14

Each of the 3 men end their demand with: Then die!

The man is symbolically killed and carried away by 6 men

The number 6 is also a lower case S letter from the Greek alphabet

The 6 and S are both used as a symbol for SIG or SOL which mean SUN
SUN is the name of Apollyon the Destroyer (The Pagan SUN god - The son of Old Nick)

 santa 12

The 'dead body' is then carried to one corner of the Masonic Chessboard floor

santa 13

Notice all the men in the ritual are wearing a band around their head.

This band is a HALO
The Halo represents HALIOS
Halios is Apollyon the Destroyer - The son of Zeus aka ST. Nicolas, Old Nick, Santa Claus.

 Apollo head odd eyes 4

HALIOS is the secret mysterious name hidden in the Biblical 666 code.
HALIOS is the secret name of the son of the Devil aka Apollyon the Destroyer.

Freemasons in my personal experience turn white in the face when the name HALIOS is mentioned to them.

Alexander the Great (HALIOS) is depicted on ancient coins with two horns
His historical records say he had a harsh voice (like a dragon) and two different coloured eyes.

Revelation 13:11
Then I saw a second beast come up out of the earth.  It had two horns like a lamb, but it spoke like a dragon.

See the video below for how the 666 code contains the name HALIOS (Greco Roman: XALIOS).


666 Solved - The Hidden name is HALIOS



Zeus the Devil himself

Zeus (the Devil Himself) is one and the same so called St. Nicolas

Zeus is the father of the Pagan's SUN god Beast known as Apollyon aka HALIOS and Alexander the Great.

The New Testament was written in Greek.

The Greek word for Saint is Ayos
God is Holy, in Greek, would be said like this: "Ayos O Theos"
The Holy Bible, in Greek, is called: 'Ayia Graphy'
Both these terms confirm the word Ayos as meaning both Saint and Holy.

The Devil (Saint Nicolas) thereby calls himself "holy".

Here is what what God Almighty says about this...
Isaiah 5:20
Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.

zeus Freemasonry

Zeus - The father (christmas) of Freemasonry

This statue of Zeus shows his connections with Freemasonry
Just like the Masonic initiates Zeus bares some of his chest and exposes his left leg.

Zeus holds a staff and with the same hand makes the hand sign of the False prophet Hermes/Mercury (his son)
By his left side there is an Eagle:  Zeus's son Heremes/Mercury is called 'The Eagle and The messenger of the gods'

Zeus holds a female angel in his right hand and she is standing on a golden orb (Like the one at Vatican City) and the angel holds a HALO.
The Halo represents HALIOS (Apollyon - The son of Zeus)

Notice the feet positions of Zeus and the Masonic initiate are the same - This is called the Masonic Oblong Square stance.

Masonic Nazi Oblong Square stance

As shown in my other articles the Nazis of Germany were also Pagans/Freemasons.
Notice the feet positions of the Nazi (Masonic) officers in this photo - They are all making the Masonic Oblong Square stance - Same as Zeus and the Masonic initiate in the previous photo.


Masonic Signs and Signals - By Mahabone Productions


HALIOS, Apollyon, Alexander the Great - The son of Zeus


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